US Visa From UAE?

People often love to explore the fabulous country USA for its unique offerings. You can have a snow filled experience wandering around the incredible national parks on your relaxed tropical holidays. But people often think it is very hard to reach USA and it’s a sort of not their choice. This is because US visa application process is frequently thought to be daunting due to the lack of the knowledge among the individuals regarding where to begin from and how to continue with the visa application. However in reality, case differs as you see. When you come to know regarding the step by step process that is carried out in the visa processing, you will come to know that process of applying USA Tourist Visa from Dubai is very much easy..

Who are eligible to apply for US visa from UAE?

All applicants having UAE passport and are residents, aside from those with passports from countries on the US Visa Waiver Program, need to apply for a US visa from Dubai to be permitted entry into the United States of America. As a UAE citizen or resident, you must carry a US visa whether you are travelling to the country for immigration or for other purposes.

Documents Required For US Tourist Visa

  • Passport copy (Validity 6 Months)
  • UAE visa copy (Validity 6 Months)
  • Copy of emirates ID
  • Original bank statement with bank stamp (6 Months Minimum with balance of AED 40,000)
  • Other documents which show saving
  • NOC from Company(Mentioning Name, passport no, position, salary, date of join, Purpose of travel)
  • Recent passport size photo in white background

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